Glue and Bonding

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Micro Rings
I tip rings For use with I tip hair extensions, Colours dark or light available. 50 pack
Bond Applicator Tool
Applicator tool used for applying our pre-bonded hair extensions. This tool heats and melts the glue tips to allow bonding to the existing horse hair. Care must be taken when using this tool as it can burn both you and the horse if used incorrectly. You must know how to use this tool, instructions are NOT included. A full training kit is available to purchase. * Please note: The Heat sealer is UK 240v and an adaptor may be required for certain countries.

25 Pack of re bonds for re bonding horse hair.

Now you can re-use your pre-bonded hair after you remove them by using re-bonds.

Position these bonds together with your hair and seal together using the heat sealer included in the travel kit. (available to purchase)

Important: you need the equipment to use these re-bonds. Instructions and equipment are available within the travel kit.

Pliers for application of i tip extensions
Flat nosed pliers for use with i tip extensions
Application tool for I tip exxtensions
Application tool for use with i tip extensions One in pack
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