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Shade Sample

A small piece of hair in the colour you choose to help you decide if your choice of colour is correct.

This small sample applies to the following of our product lines:

Loose mane and tail hair

Pre bonded mane and tail hair

All FalsePlaits

PLEASE NOTE: These samples are just to shade match. Please do not order more than one of each colour or more than 6 samples at a time. If you require to match more than one horse then please purchase the shade guide.

Horse Hair Shade Guide
The perfect tool to colour match the hair you need. Comes with all available colours so you can perfectly match the colour hair you require.
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Organic Neem oil solid shampoo for Horses and dogs SLS free
Benefits Of Neem For Animals: It helps to discourage biting insects, ticks and fleas, ringworm, mange mites, any skin disorders or fungal infections. It also helps with: Dry skin Flaky skin Itchy skin Ring worm Fungal infections like mud fever Sweet itch This Soap is hand made by myself. Being solid it has less chance of spillage and is long lasting. It is free from any sulphites and I use this on my own dogs and horses. Completely free from any chemicals. Made with Coconut oil, neem oil, palm oil , sunflower, oil and caster oil. With essential oils added to give that extra benefit is lemon grass, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender. Made without chemical, parabens or any other nasty ingredient. If you care about what you use on your animals then this is the soap for you. Neem is just as fantastic for the skin and hair of your pets as it is for yourself. Again, you avoid nasty chemicals and harmful medications. They only increase stress for the immune system rather than helping it, whereas neem benefits the immune system and overall health of your pet.
Neem oil fly spray concentrate
100% natural neem oil complete fly repellent. Size: 200mls Follow our facebook link to see video of this repellent in action. The AFTER APPLICATION SHOT IS SHOWN FIRST! Now complete with essential oils Proprietary mixure of insect repellent essential oils All you have to do is add water. 40g to 500 mls of warm water. Made with coconut oil, shea butter, caster oil and neem oil. Exceptionally good ingredients for skin and insect repellent. Hand made by myself and tested on my herd of horses. I have been working on a fly repellent for 4 years and finally made one that works! Sprayed twice daily with amazing results. The dilution rates can be altered depending on how bad your areas is for flies. You can also if you prefer make this up with tea. Can be used neat if required.
Micro Rings
I tip rings For use with I tip hair extensions, Colours dark or light available. 50 pack
Bond Applicator Tool
Applicator tool used for applying our pre-bonded hair extensions. This tool heats and melts the glue tips to allow bonding to the existing horse hair. Care must be taken when using this tool as it can burn both you and the horse if used incorrectly. You must know how to use this tool, instructions are NOT included. A full training kit is available to purchase. * Please note: The Heat sealer is UK 240v and an adaptor may be required for certain countries.

25 Pack of re bonds for re bonding horse hair.

Now you can re-use your pre-bonded hair after you remove them by using re-bonds.

Position these bonds together with your hair and seal together using the heat sealer included in the travel kit. (available to purchase)

Important: you need the equipment to use these re-bonds. Instructions and equipment are available within the travel kit.

Pliers for application of i tip extensions
Flat nosed pliers for use with i tip extensions
Application tool for I tip exxtensions
Application tool for use with i tip extensions One in pack
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